Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm
                       Island Reach

Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm (BSG) and Island Reach are joint ventures concerned with sustainable livelihoods and the preservation of wild places from ridge-to-reef.  BSG is a family forestry farm in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts producing fine, single-batch syrups available from farm to table.  Island Reach is a marine offshoot of the farm, a service project aboard Research Vessel Llyr, located in Vanuatu, Melanesia in the South Pacific, and committed to assisting environmental and cultural projects in island communities, harvester to harvester.  The Ocean Foundation  is a collaborator and the fiscal sponsor of Island Reach and can receive tax deductible donations on behalf of the project.

BSG Farm, Heath, MA

Baie D'Anglais, Haiti
Island Reach