The Syrups

Versatile cooking sets and our Premier Gift, Item with 3 wild woods flavors! 
Light, Medium, Black Ambers

600ml total
a Farmkid Art
greeting card.


Figaro  (250ml) $15

We buy glass back at a good price!
Return your empty, rinsed bottles to BSG Farm at any of the Direct Markets we attend (see schedules) for a refund.
1000ml (Liters) $2.00
500-700ml sizes $1.50
250ml sizes $1.00


 Half Liter Styles (500ml) $22

Mira   1000ml  $36
Anita 700ml  $29
this is a discontinued bottle, so limited supplies are available.

 Dram Sets

Four delicious tastes in attractive Italian "dram" bottles holding 2 ounces each.

4 colors: Light, Medium, Dark and Black in either 4, 3 or 2 shapes while supplies of Italian glass last.

$20 per set .

 This 2014 harvest brought us all  78 spectacular kegs of Light, Medium, Dark Ambers and Black Ambers under some of the most unusual weather we've seen.  Crop Report 

We getting ready now for the 2015 harvest that will get rolling in Late February!

When you've figured out your syrup order please have a look at a unique companion offer and bold opportunity for your family's participation from the farm's sister project: Island Reach!
" A Vessel for the Vanua-tai ":