Available volunteer services in Vanuatu April -September 2014

1) Transportation of individuals and materials, liveaboard accommodation and dive support services.

RV Llyr is a 53', 16' beam and 30 ton, shallow draft, steel work-yacht with sails ketch rigged . The rugged vessel is 12 years old, in excellent refit with numerous overbuilt features and the following attributes:

Spacious, with capacity to berth 9 for inter-island transport and live-aboard needs during on-site activities including generous private cabins. Her broad steel decks are able to carry many more people by day, as well as materials, equipment, crops and even some livestock. There are sturdy mounting options for equipment on deck.

Rugged off-shore sail plan and efficient, long distance motor capacity.

• State-of-the-art navigation, helm, communication and safety technologies.

• Dual exterior and interior helms.

• Walk-in engine room, numerous redundant backup systems for power and machinery,
extensive storage space for ships tools, spare parts & project equipement.

• A dive compressor and 5 dive kits plus 13' dive tender to facilitate reef

surveys, monitoring, nurseries and mariculture projects.

• Above and below water video equipment and screening capacity for films and

slide shows in communities.

The crew brings the following skill sets to support projects, if and as needed :

• Undergraduate and graduate degrees in Human Ecology, Cultural
Anthropology, and Psychology.

• Citizen science survey tools: Two ReefCheck EcoDiver Trainers plus 2
additional RC Ecodivers. Knowledgeable about reef ecology with additional
assessment tools for coral biomes (
including georeferenced Go-Pro video transects, manta-tow, Coral Watch and Reef.org tools ) and plankton
monitoring ( Secchi disk, plankton net, digital microscope
). Can help facilitate educational outreach and conduct baseline surveys.

• Knowledgeable about adaptive MPA development options and diverse coral
restoration and gardening techniques.

• Agroforesters and consultants with over 20 years experience with agroecology
principles , sustainable farm-to-table markets, climate change adaptation, carbon farming, as well as many hands-on farming skills including building construction, mechanics, plumbing, electrical.

• Ship's library of books and video resources, available to do film screenings.

• A family team with youth crew on board, extending Llyr's capacity for community outreach
and making ocean and forest conservation “cool” and fun for young people.

• Emergency Medical Technician & EMT medical kit with oxygen


One example of services undertaken by Research Vessel Llyr & crew:

In 2012, we provided transport, live-aboard, logistics, dive services, and baseline survey work in Haiti for Reef Check director Dr. Greg Hodgson and a team of scientists. Together, we surveyed 200 nautical miles of Haiti's rugged, wind-swept South coast for their ongoing,  MacArthur grant-funded, UNEP and government-sponsored survey project, saving them thousands of dollars in expenses on boat rental, room and board and dive resources while accessing remote regions with efficiency, safety, material resources, and community engagement well beyond the scope of typical motor launch or air services.