Outreach: BSG Farm & Island Reach

October 2013 Guest Speaker, Taking a biocultural approach in conservation work. College of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

October 2013 Everyone Eats: Foods Near and Far . Presentation to elementary school students as part of Food Day, a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.

Expedition scientist blogger for GLOBE , The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program,  a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program. Entries on the Intertropical Convergence Zone and Plankton.

June - July 2013 Research Vessel Llyr theory and practice workshops: Coral Reefs & Forests: Five Common Drivers of Degradation and Challenges for Conservation Action.      Hoving-to for storm management.

July 2013 presentation, Research Vessel Llyr, Tahiti
Food and culture: the shift from hunter gatherer to agriculture and current environmental crises.

June 2013 Roundtable participant onboard Research Vessel Llyr with crew of Wizard's Eye: Conservation Crises in French Polynesia and Challenges in Conservation Advocacy

September 24, 2012 Guest Speaker, Working in the Field: Turning Commitment to Action , College of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts.

February 2012 Farming the Forest, Gardening the Sea presentation about ridge-to-reef work at the Rhode Island Spring Flower and Garden Show.

September 17, 2011    Clean Water, Clean Shore coastal clean-up action on Mount Desert Island, ME

September 14, 2011    Guest speakers at College of the Atlantic's  Human Ecology forum.    Biocultural Diversity, Wild Biomes and Harvests: Ridge to Reef Reasearch, Advocacy and Action .  Bar Harbor, Maine.

June 25-26, 2011  Host Farm on the Franklin Land Trust 23rd annual Farm & Garden tour.

February 2011  Guest Speakers, Biocultural Diversity and the Marketplace: Variance Harvesting/Processing and Trades. How Food Narratives Drive Sustainability   at The Center for Environmental Studies.  Log lunch series. Williams College, Williamstown, MA

October 2010 Biocultural Diversity and the Marketplace: Variance Harvesting/Processing and Trades. How Food Narratives Drive Sustainability.   Presentation for "Marketing for Community Entrepreneurs", Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, University of Vermont, Burlington.

June 2010 Workshop at Co-Op Power's Energy Summit, Finca Nuestra Raices, Holyoke MA. Biocultural Diversity & Carbon Farming:  Building an Ecosystem Services Marketplace For Our Foods.

June 2010 Paper presented at the Annual Joint Meeting for the Agriculture, Food, and Human Values Society(AFHVS) and the Association for the Study of Food and Society (ASFS), Indiana University, Bloomington, IN.    Variance Harvesting/Processing &Ecosystem Services: How Cultural Narratives Drive Facts and Sustainable Ecosystems Hang in the Balance.

January 2010 Launched theTown of Heath's first Sustainability Coffee House , a monthly community forum exploring sustainability themes and project development. First presentation topic Ridge to Reef: The hilltown's remarkable connections to oceans and ocean acidification .

January 2010 Workshop at Northeast Organic Farmer's Association (NOFA) Annual Meeting, Worcester, MA.  Variance Harvesting & the Price-Point Spread: How Customers and their Farmers can Co-generate Sustainable Agriculture.

December 2009 Paper published in the Massachusetts Maple Association Newsletter. Variance Harvesting and the Price-Point-Spread: How Customers and their Farmers can Co-Generate Sustainable Agriculture.

Fall 2009 four week Senior Seminar unit at the Academy at Charlemont on The Politics of Food .  Readings and audio by Michael Pollan, Barbara Kingsolver,  Donald Worster, Vandana Shiva,  Felipe Fernandez-Armesto, Alanna Mitchell.  Evaluation of "Big Ag" policies of Monsanto, ADM and Cargill.

Summer 2009– Host for MA Maple Association annual Northeast Farm Tour. Presentation on Alternative Energy Production and Sustainable Direct Market Strategies for Small-Scale Farming.

May 2009 – Attended Informing Possibilities for the Future of Food and Agriculture , 2009 Joint annual meeting of the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society and the Association for the Study of Food and Society, Penn State University, State College, PA.

February 2009 – Presenters, Agricultural Energy Conservation & Value-Added Benefits Massachusetts Department of Agriculture's Harvest New England Agricultural Marketing Conference , Sturbridge, MA.

2008 Three grants awarded for a 9.3 kw commercial photovoltaic installation which meets 80% of the farm's electricity demands, received from
1) MassachusettsTechnology Collaborative,  2) United States Department of Agriculture & Massachusetts Farm Energy Program;  3) Massachusetts Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program.

Fall 2008 Four week audio/visual Senior Seminar unit at The Academy at Charlemont on The Politics of Food . Works by Pollan, Raj Patel, Paul Roberts, Vandana Shiva, Alice Waters. Films included “King Corn,” “Deconstructing Supper,”David Suzuki, “Cuba: The Accidental Revolution,” and “GoodFood.”

March 2008, March 2006 Public Presentation at Historic Deerfield, MA: M aple Harvesting Science and History.

2007 Only Light Amber maple syrup awarded Gold Star, noting “exceptional Merit” international review by Sante, the Magazine for Restaurant Professionals.  Medium Amber & Black Amber syrups received special “recommended” commendation.

2007 Exhibitor, Northeast Organic Farmers' Association Summer Conference.

Fall 2007 Four week Senior Seminar unit at the Academy at Charlemont on Agriculture & Sustainability .  Included readings and references from the following: Barbara Kingsolver, Michael Pollan, Vandana Shiva, Jared Diamond, Richard Wilk, Eric Schlosser, David Montgomery, Sidney Mintz, Michael Shuman, Bill McKibben, Mark Kurlansky.

2005 Host farm of Northeast Maple Farm Tour for the MA Maple Association.

2004-2005 MapleTree Growth Project with Ted Watt of Hancock Nature Ctr. &Heath Elementary

1998-2010 Annual field trips by local elementary and high schools to study maple harvesting and sustainable agriculture, and ecology. The farm entertains frequent customer visits as part of agri-tourism allowing us to work with the public in more detail regarding their understanding of, and investments in, family-scale farming and sustainable agriculture.