Our family farm's Single-Crop, Single-Batch syrups are handcrafted and limited.  Knowledge of our current  inventory is hands-on, so we do not use an iCart.  In addition, we may take orders from all over the farm by radiophone while working. Therefore, it has not proven practical for us to computer-store repeat customer information.  Please be patient with our requests for information. 

Call us toll free at our farmhouse 888-576-2753 (57-MAPLE) between 8 am and 9 pm EST 7 days/week. During our expedition this year, we'll have our farm managers take your calls. Phoning is the fastest way to secure just what you want.  

You  may also select the Printable Order Form button, complete the form and send it by fax to the toll free number or by US mail to the following address:


Another option is to send us an email at bsgfarm@peoplepc.com    Many people send us their credit card information this way and we then confirm the order by email.  If you prefer not to put your card number in an email then give us a phone number and we will call you to finalize the order.
In any case, Janis or Brooks will review and confirm your order by phone or e-mail. 

We NEVER sell or make customer information available to any other party for any reason.

Please Note:  Janis & Brooks are the farmers, the shippers and the parents!  Shipping workbees are usually scheduled forward as orders build.  Please be patient with us and let us know if you must have an order by a specific date. / Summer 2013 order: someone will return your call as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Tasting Notes  

The syrups we craft from our wild forest sap begin with Light golden ambers (barely fermented) distinguished by striking confectionery tastes  and smooth, complex finish flavors often of vanillin, hazelnut or white chocolate.  These are followed by Medium ambers' rich, buttery, caramel tones, and then garnet Dark ambers with their robust, sometimes cinnamon or fruity character.   Finally, the warmest Spring days of April bring us stout, earthy, full-bodied Black Amber syrups which maintain clean yet long and varied finishes, sometimes with a bit of a bite. It is important to note that in this wild woods harvesting, each of these four color categories (Light, Medium, Dark & Black Amber) in fact house a continuum of colors/ flavors. For example, some Mediums are almost Light in character and some are almost Dark.  It is this variance that our farm works to capture: no two batches of Berkshire Sweet Gold's Single-Crop, Single-Batch ambers are identical, even when the colors are similar.

When preparing your order, please indicate syrup colors as Light, Medium, Dark or Black Amber.  Not all colors are available in all styles of glass at all times. We'll do our best to fill your order as specified; however, we may have to substitute bottle styles. Remember that no two batches are identical and you may receive a color of syrup that is slightly darker or lighter than a previous purchase.  Please enjoy the variety! 

Corporate and Special Event Orders

For weddings or other special events and corporate orders, we are happy to plan a special bottling day to fill your request.  Please give us plenty of time to schedule this.  In many cases, we have enough stock on hand to fill large holiday orders and are happy to include either your gift cards that you can mail to us or one of our own notecards with your message. 


Here are the delivery charges to use in calculating your total.   There are no handling or packaging charges and there is no sales tax on syrups. 


Syrup total                Up to $35      $36-$45       $46- $60     $61- 90     $91 - $120     $121- $200          $200  
per destination                                                                                                                                             & over

Delivery Charges           $11.30       $12.50            $13.80       $14.80          $17               $21                 13%
per destination            U.S.Mail
                                  Flate Rate) __________________________________________________________
Additional Charges           ---               $3                    $3             $4             $5                $6                    3%
west of Mississippi   __________________________________________________________________
We ship UPS Ground and US Mail .   

If the packaging looks a bit dog-eared it's because we recycle whenever possible. Peanut chips are biodegradeable cornstarch.  Please check your package for any product damage on arrival. Let us know about any damage within 14 days of receiving your package. Any claims made after that will be honored at our discretion.   Call us for prior authorization before returning order.