Dr. Gregor Hodgson  Executive Director, Reefcheck

Charles (Chuck) Dayton, Crew

Rob Roberts & Bri Randall, Crew

Ben Michel, Crew

Captains Larry & Letty Wheeler, School of Ocean Sailing

Captain Ben Smith, CCOM/JHC, Portsmouth, NH

Captain Jessica Pulfer, Key Largo, Fl, Reefcheck Trainer

Ruben Torres, Ph.D. Director, Reefcheck Dominican Republic, Trainer

Chris Howe, Vice President, Doyle Sail, Salem MA, Sponsor

Luke Wagner & Luci Pandolfi, Crew

Vivienne Solis-Rivera, Coopesolidar, Costa Rica, Consultant

Joe Mcinnis, Marine Electrician, Essex, MA

Edward Beucler, Cambridge, MA, Reefcheck Haiti

Noy Holland, author

Sam Michel, author

Phil Buck, Buck Adventures, Rowe MA

Leighton McCutchen, Ph.D. & Martha McCutchen, LCSW

Shirley Steele, MSW, Montreal, Canada

Collaborators & Supporters
Nikki Welsh, CPA
Welsh & Associates
Greenfield, MA
Thanks for the generous donation of snorkel packs for RV Llyr's onboard educational kit and for Vanuatu schools!

Island Reach's Fiscal Sponsor

For supporting Llyr crew to become
Reef Check Pacific Trainers
For custom producing RV Llyr's unique heavy weather sails