Dr. Gregor Hodgson  Executive Director, Reefcheck

Peter Whitelaw, Sailaway Cruises, Vanuatu Scuba Operators Association

Eric & Anne Simmons, SV Reflections, New Zealand

Sarah Graham, marine biologist Sheffa Dept. of Tourism, Vanuatu

Charles (Chuck) Dayton, Crew

Rob Roberts & Bri Randall, Crew

Ben Michel, Crew

Captains Larry & Letty Wheeler, School of Ocean Sailing

Captain Ben Smith, CCOM/JHC, Portsmouth, NH

Captain Jessica Pulfer, Key Largo, Fl, Reefcheck Trainer

Ruben Torres, Ph.D. Director, Reefcheck Dominican Republic, Trainer

Chris Howe, Vice President, Doyle Sail, Salem MA, Sponsor

Luke Wagner & Luci Pandolfi, Crew

Vivienne Solis-Rivera, Coopesolidar, Costa Rica, Consultant

Joe Mcinnis, Marine Electrician, Essex, MA

Edward Beucler, Cambridge, MA, Reefcheck Haiti

Noy Holland, author

Sam Michel, author

Phil Buck, Buck Adventures, Rowe MA

Leighton McCutchen, Ph.D. & Martha McCutchen, LCSW

Shirley Steele, MSW, Montreal, Canada

Collaborators & Supporters
Donating of snorkel packs for RV Llyr's onboard educational kit and for the Vanua-Tai and Vanuatu schools

Island Reach's Fiscal Sponsor

For supporting Llyr crew to become
Reef Check Pacific Trainers
For custom producing RV Llyr's unique heavy weather sails
Dick & June Robbins
SPC-GIZ Adapting to Climate Change in the South Pacific
Wan Smolbag Theatre Group &
the Vanua-Tai Environmental Monitors