Island Reach is a volunteer project, in collaboration with The Ocean Foundation,  responding to global collapse in ocean ecologies and a severe shortage of conservation resources for island communities.  Island Reach is helping to build resilience from ridge to reef in Vanuatu, Melanesia, an archipelago widely recognized for its remarkable biological and cultural diversity. (Map)

Island Reach provides a no-fee, mobile work platform aboard Research Vessel Llyr, along with skilled support services available upon request, to local projects that seek to protect and revitalize communities while building adaptive capacity for environmental stewardship.

With over 80 inhabited islands and many remote villages in the Vanuatu archipelago, Island Reach helps fill critical material and service gaps that impede community, group, and organizational efforts and their alliances throughout the region.  (Mission)


                                Island Reach launched a bold campaign for 2015 in Vanuatu, Melanesia! 

"A Vessel for the Vanua-tai" can be seen at:


Please have a look!  We all have a rare opportunity to join forces and support an incredible group of 400 Indigenous environmental stewards working in a global conservation hotspot! 
Island Reach is at an exciting point in its development and needs "ALL HANDS ON DECK!" The project is supported by The Ocean Foundation, Mission Blue, and Aqualung USA and a host of other partners in both Vanuatu & the US. 

The productive 60 day Indiegogo campaign at this site has ended while launching vital fundraising efforts forward through 2015.  Tax deductible donations of any size can be made through The Ocean Foundation's Friend of Fund, Island Reach: