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Located in the highland forests of the Berkshires, in Heath, MA, BSG Maple & Marine
 is an agroforestry project producing Single-Crop, Single-Batch maple Syrups
Janis Steele, Brooks McCutchen, Connor, Rowan, and Gavin
farmhouse 1-888-576-2753, bsgfarm@peoplepc.com



Here at the Berkshire Sweet Gold Maple Farm, you can find the information you need to place an order for our forest farm's remarkable single-batch maple syrups; you can discover delicious recipes of all types, and you can check out the farm's direct market schedule.  More than that, you can learn about the values and commitments that go into making each bottle of syrup. 

Our aim is to build strong connections between the forest, harvester, and customer. In the big picture, we want to help protect wild places and the traditional or local knowledge systems that are integral to long term environmental stewardship.  To us, there are few more revealing ways to study the arc of civilization and the interlinked relationships between people and the environment than through foods and their pathways. As farmer/poet Wendell Berry wrote:

"eating takes place inescapably in the world...[it is] inescapably an agricultural act, and how we eat determines, to a considerable extent, how the world is used."

Thank you for visiting the farm website.  We invite you to take a moment to check out the Island Reach portal  to learn about our related work on behalf of oceans and ridge-to-reef conservation. 


Warm regards,

Janis & Brooks


                          May 2015 forward---
     An announcement to our farm-to table 

BSG farm's sister project Island Reach has launched a bold new 2015 campaign in Vanuatu, Melanesia:  "A Vessel for the Vanua-tai". 
We all have a rare opportunity to join forces and support an incredible group of 400 Indigenous environmental stewards working in a global conservation hotspot! Our task is now most urgent after Vanautu was devastated by Super Cyclone Pam's 185mph winds.  Or immediate focus is on food security for this farming nation and we are developing a large vegetable seed order with California Bonanza Seeds to import for emergency distribution in Vanuatu.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation to Island Reach through The Ocean Foundation that you personally direct be spent 100% on seed aquisition!  (So far we have raised us$5000 for seeds with a goal to get to $10-15,000.)
Our volunteer work in collaboration with The Ocean Foundation is supported by BSG Farm's maple crop,  Dick & June Robbins, Aveda, Mission Blue, and Aqualung USA and through hundreds of donations from folks like you in both Vanuatu & the US. 

Our family invites you to pitch in on this grass-roots & ridge to reef conservation initiative.  Begin enjoying the many tangible and intangible pleasures of joining Island Reach!

All donation links on any page will take you to The Ocean Foundation's friend of fund Island Reach.             

NOTICE: The Spring 2015 shipping window is now closed. We will begin shipping again in September when we return frome expedition in Vanuatu, Melanesia working on Cyclone Pam Disaster Relief.